In the site ( I have included some translations that are done by either Rabindranath himself or by the British poet W.B.Yeats. I have decided to include some songs in this page which I have tried to familiarize to people.

Aamar Mon Mane Na...

This song was written on the year 1892 which corresponds to Kirtan style blended with raga Pilu and Bhimpalasi, although the book from Vishwabharati suggests Mishra Multaan. The song has Ektala as a support and included in Prem Parjay (segment) of the Geetabitan

Aamar Mon Maane Na-Dinrojoni.
I fail to control myself, day and night

Aami Ki Kotha Smoriya E Tonu Bhoriya Pulok Rakhite Naari.
I fail to control my emotions, thinking something

Ogo,Ki Bhabhiya Mone E Duti Noyone Uthale Noyon Baari-
Ogo Sojoni.
O, I fail to control my tears, with something in my mind,
O my dearest.

Se Sudhabochon,Se Sukhaporosh,Onge Bajichhe Baanshi - Go
Those sublime words, exotic touches play lute

Tai Suniya Suniya Aaponar Mone Hridoy Hoy Udaashi-
Keno Na Jaani.
Listening to which my heart renounces
I don’t know why.

Ogo,Baatashe Ki Kotha Bheshe Chole Aashe,Aakashe Ki Mukh Jaage - Sokhi !
A string of words whispered through the air,
An impression of a face emerge in the sky,

Ogo Bonmormore Nodi Nirjhore Ki Modhur Sur Laage.
The murmuring of the forest, splash of the streams sounds the sweetest.

Phuler Gondho Bondhur Moto Joraaye Dhorichhe Gole – Go.
Friendly floral fragrance fling arms across my neck

Aami E Kotha ,E Byatha,Sukh Byakulota Kahar Chorontoley
Dibo Nichhoni.
My offering of all these words, passion and emotions
Whose feet should I offer to.

Tomaay Notun Kore Pabo Bole...

The song ‘Tomaay Notun Kore Pabo Bole…’ was an integral part of a drama ‘Phalguni’ written in the year 1916. It was composed in Baul style, Raaga Khambaj and Kaharwa Taal. It was included in the ‘Puja’ Parjaay in the Geetabitan later sometime. Amalgammation of Tappa in this song alongwith the adjustment of rhythm (the song is now sung without any conventional taal) was complete in presence of Gurudev himself.
This song is dedicated to the Almighty who is the symbol of eternal love.

Tomay Natun Kore Pabo Bole Haarai Khsane Khsan
O Mor Bhalobasar Dhan |
(I) misplace you every now and then to achieve you in the newer form
O my loving treasure.

Dekha Debe Bole Tumi Haaw Je Aurdarshan
O Mor Bhalobasar Dhan ||
In order to give appearance you disappear (reason that I follow)
O my loving treasure.

Ogo, Tumi Amar Naaw Araler, Tumi Amar Chirokaler -
O dear you are not veiled; you are my eternal (one) -

Khanokaler Leelar Srote Haaw Je Nimogan
O Mor Bhalobasar Dhan ||
(You) Slowly plunge into the epigrammatic course of “Leela”
O my loving treasure.

Aami Tomaay Jakhon Khuje Phiri Bhoye Knaape Mon -
Preme Aamar Dheu Laage Takhan |
When I roam about in search of you, my heart trembles in apprehension
Waves burst upon my adoration.

Tomar Sesh Nahi, Tai Sunna Seje Shesh Kare Dao Apnake Je -
You have no end, hence you pose like vacuum and put an end to yourself in such a way that

Oi Hasire Dey Dhuye Mor Biraher Rodan
O Mor Bhalobasar Dhan ||

My euphoria is washed away by the whimper of despair.
O my loving treasure.